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Put a Black Card In your wallet

Smart Card Technology

Have a Black Card
In Your Wallet

Coming Soon!

  • Card Type:Smart Card
  • Annual Fee:$0
  • Updates:Free
  • Points:On Every Transaction

Key Benefits


Earn Points


Secure Payments


Carry 8 Cards at Once

How Does the Smart Card Work?


Fits easily into your lifestyle.


Add up to 8 cards through your app profile. Easily switch between cards using the intuitive interface.

Beacon Technology

Participating merchants will acknowledge your status on arrival and provide you with a customized, exclusive experience.

Earn Points

Sync the Smart Card to the app to earn points with each transaction.

Your Security Matters

The Smart Card is
designed to be more secure
than your wallet and the
cards in it while you travel
both near and far.

Convenient Simplicity

Consolidate your
credit, debit and gift cards
onto a single card
with ease.

Makes Smart Look Easy

The E-Ink display shows
the card you have
selected for use. That
way you will always
know which card you are

Transformative Travel
and Experiences

The  Smart Card has the latest in location-aware loyalty and payment
technology. The innovative beacon features announces your presence to local
merchants worldwide and the intuitive interface lets you easily switch between
cards. Plus, you can sync the Smart Card to the soon to be released app to earn points for purchase when you dine at participating restaurants. Like a smartphone, the card will continue to get smarter as features are automatically updated.

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