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Flye Direct Member FAQ

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the world beyond your own backyard, you should consider a FlyeDirect Membership. When you join our community, you’ll quickly see that this is about so much more than travel. It’s about discovery. You will explore some of the most picturesque places on Earth, but you’ll also explore the path to who you are, all while joined by friends and family on the same journey. Get ready for striking landscapes, sweeping cityscapes, volunteer opportunities and unforgettable moments with fellow travelers.

You’ll need to contact a FlyeDirect Representative, who can assist and help you choose the right membership level. Our Customer Support team will be happy to help you 8am-9pm ET Monday to Friday.

Once a member… you can book online or on the member only app.  Simply log in with your Member ID, click Browse Experiences and start searching. Choose your trip, click Book It and follow the prompts. We take care of the excursions and other inclusions.

We can take you almost anywhere you can imagine. If you don’t see your dream destination in our inventory, which spans over 70 countries to over 500 destinations, keep checking back. Our selection is growing every day.

Not everyone is able to take a vacation every other month, and we understand that. That’s why there are multiple ways to benefit from a membership, even when you’re not traveling. For example, you can earn Rewards Points just by paying your monthly fees or by dining at our preferred restaurants. So when you’re ready to take your next vacation, part of it could already be paid for! Plus, depending on which membership level you choose, you could have access to various dining and entertainment discounts, convenient services, like roadside assistance and identity theft protection, and more.

New unbelievable vacations are launched everyday at If you’re a Platinum Member, you get a sneak peek a day earlier! Join our email list, for more up-to-the-minute information when trips are announced!

You may have many great friends and family members, which is fantastic, but you’ll have to decide who joins you because we do have some limits. A maximum of two (2) adults aged 18 or older may travel per booking, provided at least one (1) adult on the booking is a member or is an adult aged 18 or older who resides in the same household as the member.

The booking terms also allow one room to be booked per adult on each trip, with pricing based on double occupancy per room. Some hotels, resorts or cruise operators require the adult in each room to be older than 18, so be sure to check these details in each listing.

You can bring your dependent children by paying the designated trip charge. Dependent children are those children who reside with you as their parent or legal guardian, are in school and 18 years of age or under. If you have children who are between 19 and 25 years of age, are not married, live with you as their legal parent or guardian and attend school, they’re also considered dependent children. Additionally, a child who is permanently disabled, no matter what age, and is under your direct care as his/her parent or legal guardian, is considered your dependent and can join you!

Each trip can be different so be sure to check the details in the vacation listing before booking. Cruises require that you are age 21 or older to have your own cabin. If you’re under 21, there must be a person age 25 or older in the cabin with you. With most land packages, you must be age 18 or older to have your own room. Most of your trips will indicate if children younger than age 18 can come along, if they can participate in excursions or other tour activities, and the additional cost, if any when they do.

Maximum occupancy is not always up to us and many hotels and cruise lines have a maximum occupancy of four (4) guests per room. If there are more than four guests in your party (for example, two [2] adults and three [3] children), you may be required to book a second room. However, both rooms would be booked at the same per-person rate. Be sure to ask for adjoining rooms to see if they’re available.

You can also request an additional room for dependent children under the age of 18 years not sharing accommodations with you as the adult guest, but we can’t guarantee another room will be available. Understandably, additional rooms will be subject to additional charges which may vary.

If, you’re having a blast, why not stay a little longer? Extending your Dream Vacation depends on availability of the destination location. Just contact your FlyeDirect representative specialist to see about adding days at the beginning or extending your stay so you continue that remarkable experience. The room rate will reflect rates available at the hotel or resort at the time you add to your stay, so the cost for extra nights may vary from what you paid in your original booking.

If you want to indulge yourself, upgrading your accommodations is a great option, as long as space is available and you accept and upgrade charge, if one is required. You will need to confirm the hotel or cruise line’s rate at that time, which may vary from the rate when you your original vacation booking. As a Member, you may get to upgrade for less. This is one more thing your vacation specialist can help with, so contact them to discover the possibilities.

While you may have a great nickname, the name you use to book any travel must be the same, full legal name used on your official government IDs, such as your driver’s license or passport. The full legal names of other travellers in your party must also be used.

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