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FlyeDirect has been diligently developed, designed and engineered to fulfil your wildest travel dreams! We are so grateful for the hundreds of thousands of current members and excited to continue our countdown to a million global users! The entire FlyeDirect team is thoroughly committed to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.  As a travel provider committed to excellence, your happiness is our purpose!

Dwight, Grapevine

“We Have Now Traveled the World”

For the past dozen years, I have been able to use FlyeDirect…

Kimberly, Reno

“I Thought I Got Great Deals”

With FlyeDirect the trip quality is top notch and the value is amazing!

See Where Our Members Have Been

Brenda, Dallas

“We Were Treated Like VIP’s”

I had the pleasure of taking my Mother on a wonderful trip to Porto, Portugal…

Micah, Milwaukee

“We Saved Hundreds of Dollars”

FlyeDirect has been a blessing in my household…

Brenda, Los Angeles

“Nothing Compares to FlyeDirect”

We have taken a few vacations before but they don’t begin to compare…

We invite you to join a global travel and entertainment community of dreamers, adventurers and escapists, beautiful in our diversity and united by curiosity and hope.  Join a community of life-enthusiasts whose thirst for adventure knows no bounds. As an industry-leader with a diversity of product offerings, we provide you access to thousands of curated trips to the most sought-after destinations worldwide. We believe the best way to experience the world is through travel. Welcome To the FlyeDirect membership family.

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